Heavy makeup is on its way out

The Best Minerals for Your Skin

The beauty industry is now full of many options for everyone. Before, dark-skinned women found it difficult to find the right makeup for them as many of the available makeup is fit for light-skinned people. The options were limited, and diversity wasn’t celebrated. These days, thankfully, the cosmetics industry is now welcoming people from all colors, sizes, and backgrounds. There are far more options than ever before, and it is an excellent time to try out different products.

Heavy makeup is on its way outAside from these options, many companies now offer K-Beauty store products that cater to various tastes. While some prefer heavy makeup, others go with the “no makeup” look. Also, while some go with thick eyebrows, others prefer thin eyebrows. People have different likes and tastes, and what is excellent is this modern era gives people lots of options to choose from. The feeling of being left out is now put out of the window, and this is such good news for everyone.

No matter what skin type you have, eating healthy food, exercising regularly, taking the necessary supplements, and following a healthy beauty regimen are all the same formula for everyone to follow. The specifics may be different, but the general idea is the same.

Before we go to recommending the best minerals for your skin, let’s talk first about the essentials about skin care. To achieve your skin’s best, do not forget to follow the following:

Skin care tip no. 1: Eat fresh foods

The importance of eating fresh foods and putting out junk foods from your system cannot be underestimated. How can you expect clear skin if you are eating junk foods? If you love chips, chocolates, and processed snacks, do not be surprised if you occasionally get acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Your body may be struggling to clear out these toxins from your system; so, instead of your body processing these toxins, these get out of your system through your skin.

The first thing that you have to do if you want to get better skin is to take a good look at your diet. It is best to be aware of your everyday diet and to see if you are overeating salty and sugary foods. If you are, and if you also eat a lot of processed foods, be determined to start eating clean. Only go for foods that are in their natural state. For example, go with steamed potato instead of eating potato chips, and choose fresh apples instead of caramelized apples. Start getting used to eating foods in their natural state, because it takes time to get accustomed to the taste if you didn’t grow up eating them.

Skin care tip no. 2: Get your daily dose of Vitamin D

Believe it or not, the sun is the best (and free!) vitamin that you can get for your skin. Some people avoid the sun for they are afraid of getting wrinkles, sunspots, and an increased risk of skin cancer. While too much sun exposure is harmful, getting a healthy dose of sunlight is good for your body and skin. The sun is a natural source of Vitamin D, and this vitamin is responsible for regulating your hormones and metabolism. Without it, your skin and body find it hard to control their systems. So, if you want to get a healthy vitamin for your skin, get out and go for a morning walk.

Charcoal masks have magnesium for blackheads removalAside from these skin tips, it is best to supplement nourishment for your skin through healthy minerals. There are lots of minerals that are touted to be good for your skin, but the most effective ones are the following:

1. Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that is used in conjunction with calcium. It is said to be a functional regulator of hormones and bodily systems, which makes it easy for your body to cope up with stresses. Magnesium helps kick out toxins from your body, so it is a good detox mineral for you. If you have recurring acne, whiteheads, and blackheads, try taking 500mg of magnesium supplement a day. If you don’t see positive results in one week, try increasing the dosage to 500mg of magnesium supplement twice a day.

2. Zinc

Like magnesium, zinc helps regulate your body’s response to stress. Therefore, if you have a lot of toxins in your body, it is best to take zinc supplements. A safe dose would be 50mg a day, and it would be best to take it in the evening as it helps induce sleep, as well.

When you take zinc with magnesium, the effect is better on your body as it allows the system to flush out toxins. It is toxins that cause your skin’s breakouts; so, if you keep on having recurring acne, whiteheads, or blackheads, you need to keep toxins out of your system.

Magnesium and zinc are two of the best minerals for your skin. It is best to take these in supplement form, so they become more effective in flushing out toxins from your system.