What is this?
This is the first public domain record label. We accept all original music submissions and put them in the public domain.

What is the public domain?
According to the American English Oxford Dictionary, “the state of belonging or being available to the public as a whole, and therefore not subject to copyright.”

How do I get my music on this site?
Email me your songs. Include your band name, track order, album name, album art (if applicable), and so on.


Can I hold you legally responsible for this content?
No. If you have doubts, research the source.

Is this content safe for work/children/et cetera?
I don’t know. If you are easily offended, be careful.

Can I modify any of this content and sell it?
Yes. You will own the derivative work.

Can I claim copyright on any of this non-modified content?
No. That would defeat the purpose of the public domain.